Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Windows vs Linux | Desktop and Linux Enterprise Security | Windows and Linux based Software | Anti-Spyware Program

All the flavors of Windows come from Microsoft, the various distributions of Linux come from different companies (i.e.TSL(Trustix Secure Linux) Linspire, Red Hat, SuSE, Ubuntu, Xandros, Knoppix, Slackware, Lycoris, etc. ).

Both Linux and Windows provide a GUI and a command line interface. Linux typically provides two GUIs, KDE and Gnome. Each version of Windows has a single command interpreter, but the different flavors of Windows have different interpreters. Windows users sometimes call it a DOS prompt. Linux users refer to it as a shell.

There are many types of malicious software programs. The most common types are referred to as Viruses and Spyware. Spyware has become a generic term, much like "Xerox machine" (which is taken to mean any photo copying machine, not just those made by the Xerox corporation). The term "Spyware" now refers to a whole host of malicious software such as worms, Trojans, dialers, keystroke loggers, browser hijackers and, of course, actual Spyware. The vast majority of malicious software (of all types) runs on Windows. I don't know the actual percentages, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was 98% or so.
Spyware on Windows has become such a problem that Microsoft purchased an anti-Spyware software company and released their product as the Microsoft Anti-Spyware program in early 2005. As this is written the product is still in beta form, but Microsoft has stated that it will be free even when complete. In my opinion, Spyware is the worst problem effecting Windows based computers. In addition to running an anti-virus program constantly, Windows users also need an anti-Spyware program constantly running in the background to protect them.

There are some companies which provides desktop/ Enterprise security products both for Windows and also Linux based software products. One such company that I came across is Comodo which provides plenty of life time free products both for Linux (Trustix Enterprise Firewall) as well as Windows (Desktop Security) based products,which protects your computer from such attacks. And also Linux based Enterprise Internet Security is the Next Generation for the computer users. You can know more about internet security surfing http://yuvi-internetsecurity.blogspot.com/.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Linux Enterprise Security Today, Measures and its importance | Free Linux Based Enterprise Security Softwares | Enterprise Firewall Security

Enterprises with important web assets, such as an e-commerce site that contributes more than 20+ percent of their revenue are the most vulnerable, and wanting by the hackers and identity thieves. However, the scope of attacks is escalating and even large enterprises should take a fresh look at their risk profiles. In summary therefore, small as well as larger organizations are vulnerable to attacks although the degree of vulnerability could vary. The Best Solution for this is Using a Good Firewall which provides security at Enterprise Level, as serves as an defense wall covered with fire.

An Enterprise Firewall should protect assets and business transactions by ensuring fast, secure connections with the Internet and networks. It should enable fast, controlled connectivity, providing strong protection against unwanted intrusion without slowing the flow of approved traffic. It should be User-Friendly GUI. It also includes so many security measures that needs to the covered by the organization, which is given by leading security control sectors which establishes certain guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management and the objective outlined which provide general guidance that is commonly accepted goals in an Enterprise’s information security management such as Enterprise Securities policy which include information security; asset management; human resources security; physical and environmental security; communications and operations management; access control;information security incident management; compliance and much more.
An Enterprise security product which acts as an Firewall protecting both the intranet and internet, with all the necessary qualities will be considered as a good one. There are enterprise security softwares at large for which hugesum of dollors or rupeess need to spent. Also to point out Trustix Enterprise Firewall an Linux based firewall is given out for free and also meets the above criteria efficiently and effectively and any small business people also can employ it to secure their servers.